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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: APR_FIND_APR
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 15:55:47 GMT
Geoffrey Young <> writes:

> moving this particular thread to dev@perl...
> > mod_perl-2 should be getting the ap[ru] config script's 
> > name/location from httpd (ie apxs).  Like apreq, modperl's 
> > apr ABI is subordinate to httpd, so asking apxs for the name
> > of the ap[ru] script it used is IMO the safest solution.
> is this really true?  I would have thought that for all the work that was
> being done to make the APR:: classes run outside of mod_perl the next
> logical step would be to not rely on people getting APR from httpd at all.
> but I haven't been really paying attention to the APR work lately
> (unfortunately).

The situation with APR is no different than say BerkeleyDB.  You can't
have the perl glue compiled against one major version and expect it to
work in applications which are linked to another.  Once httpd-2.2 comes
out, modperl-2 users that want to upgrade the new server must recompile 
modperl-2, and because the libapr's are incompatible, that recompile 
must include APR.

Joe Schaefer

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