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From Markus Wichitill <>
Subject Re: time for 1.99_15?
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2004 22:38:13 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
>> Markus Wichitill wrote:
>>> t\perl\ithreads.........................Attempt to free temp 
>>> prematurely: SV 0x6cc4a14, Perl interpreter: 0x6c90cfc at 
>>> C:\Dev\debug\modperl-2.0\t\response/TestPerl/ line 44.
>>> request has failed (the response code was: 500)
>>> Seems to have crashed Apache, as all later tests failed (but I forgot 
>>> to look at the process list to check if it was really gone). No crash 
>>> popup this time, so no JIT debugging. Didn't see anything in the 
>>> error_log. Can't reproduce it anymore.
>> I now always get this. Apache exits, but doesn't crash in a way that 
>> would allow me to debug it. If I attach the debugger during the "nmake 
>> test" execution, all I see is:
>> [...]
>> Loaded symbols for 'C:\Dev\debug\perl\lib\auto\Encode\Encode.dll'
>> The thread 0x3BC has exited with code 9 (0x9).
>> The thread 0xEC has exited with code 9 (0x9).
>> The thread 0x5FC has exited with code 9 (0x9).
>> [more threads]
>> The program 'C:\Dev\debug\apache\bin\apache.exe' has exited with code 
>> 9 (0x9).
> If you can reliably get this problem, we need to figure what tests 
> sequence causes it, before we can even start solving it. You could try 
> to do that manually (with a binary search). Or if you can get hold of 
> some error messages in the error_log you could adjust to 
> check those after runnin each test. It already checks for a core file 
> after each test is run and considers the test to be failure if it finds 
> one. So you could add another hook, and check error_log (for which it 
> already holds the pointer in the filehandle, which is moved after each 
> test) for custom error messages.

Manual search would be cruel, there's nothing in the log, and there's no 
coredumps on Win32 - but since this, unlike the leak issue, is a real 
failure, I've run

perl t\SMOKE -order=rotate -times=1 -verbose

which yields the reduced sequence

perl t\TEST -verbose t\filter\in_bbs_msg.t t\filter\in_bbs_underrun.t 
t\filter\in_error.t t\filter\in_init_basic.t t\perl\ithreads.t

ithreads.t in that sequence doesn't fail with the same "Attempt to free temp 
prematurely" error however, but with the "OS 10053" error from my 
"t\apache\discard_rbody.t smoked" thread that went nowhere. Oh well.

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