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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: time for 1.99_15?
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2004 19:52:31 GMT
Markus Wichitill wrote:
> Markus Wichitill wrote:
>>> t\perl\ithreads.........................Scalars leaked: 1
>>> Scalars leaked: 1
>>> t\perl\ithreads.........................ok
>> Just now I got this instead:
>> t\perl\ithreads.........................Attempt to free temp 
>> prematurely: SV 0x6cc4a14, Perl interpreter: 0x6c90cfc at 
>> C:\Dev\debug\modperl-2.0\t\response/TestPerl/ line 44.
>> request has failed (the response code was: 500)
>> Seems to have crashed Apache, as all later tests failed (but I forgot 
>> to look at the process list to check if it was really gone). No crash 
>> popup this time, so no JIT debugging. Didn't see anything in the 
>> error_log. Can't reproduce it anymore.
> I now always get this. Apache exits, but doesn't crash in a way that 
> would allow me to debug it. If I attach the debugger during the "nmake 
> test" execution, all I see is:
> [...]
> Loaded symbols for 'C:\Dev\debug\perl\lib\auto\Encode\Encode.dll'
> The thread 0x3BC has exited with code 9 (0x9).
> The thread 0xEC has exited with code 9 (0x9).
> The thread 0x5FC has exited with code 9 (0x9).
> [more threads]
> The program 'C:\Dev\debug\apache\bin\apache.exe' has exited with code 9 
> (0x9).
> At first I had suspected the new module reload voodoo, but removing that 
> test didn't help.

If you can reliably get this problem, we need to figure what tests 
sequence causes it, before we can even start solving it. You could try to 
do that manually (with a binary search). Or if you can get hold of some 
error messages in the error_log you could adjust to check 
those after runnin each test. It already checks for a core file after each 
test is run and considers the test to be failure if it finds one. So you 
could add another hook, and check error_log (for which it already holds 
the pointer in the filehandle, which is moved after each test) for custom 
error messages.

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