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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: APR_FIND_APR
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 16:48:09 GMT

> At the moment one can build Perl APR only by building mod_perl, so I
> suppose apxs is fine for now.

ok.  so it looks like the way to handle this is via the new APR_VERSION and
APU_VERSION queries.  this is in apxs:

  my $apr_version = get_vars("APR_VERSION");
  $apr_version =~ s/(\d+)\.(\d).(\d)/$1/;
  my $apr_config="$apr_bindir/apr-$apr_version-config";

so, in our code we would query apxs a second time via `apxs -q APR_VERSION`
and if it succeeds then we insert the major number into the
apr-$major-config, otherwise we assume apr-config.

rather than changing this now we can probably just work it into the planned

> Later on (after 2.0) is released we may provide a separate package which
> will be buildable w/o mod_perl. Let's deal with that when we will want
> to do that.

less work is cool by me :)


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