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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: APR_FIND_APR
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 16:33:00 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>The situation with APR is no different than say BerkeleyDB.  You can't
>>have the perl glue compiled against one major version and expect it to
>>work in applications which are linked to another.  Once httpd-2.2 comes
>>out, modperl-2 users that want to upgrade the new server must recompile 
>>modperl-2, and because the libapr's are incompatible, that recompile 
>>must include APR.
> I guess what I was thinking about was someone who didn't care about mod_perl
> or httpd at all.  that is, suppose I'm a user that simply wants perl
> bindings to APR - theoretically I could download only the APR/APU source and
> then build only the APR bindings, thus giving me only APR:: packages in
> site_perl, no httpd (or eventually whole mod_perl?) download required.
> isn't this the point of having perl's APR run outside of mod_perl?
> now, sure, these APR:: classes wouldn't then work with a mod_perl built
> against a different httpd/apr, but the mod_perl install would overwrite the
> old ones anyway in a typical install.
> or maybe I'm just confused (which I seem to be alot lately, sorry).

At the moment one can build Perl APR only by building mod_perl, so I 
suppose apxs is fine for now.

Later on (after 2.0) is released we may provide a separate package which 
will be buildable w/o mod_perl. Let's deal with that when we will want 
to do that.

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