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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Apache-Test-1.13
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 14:37:53 GMT
a release candidate for Apache-Test 1.13 is now available.

please take the time to excercise the candidate through all your existing
applications that use Apache-Test and report back successes or failures.


Changes since 1.12:

the have() function was removed entirely - use need() instead.
[Geoffrey Young]

add need() and need_* variant functions (need_module(), need_apache(),
etc) for use specifically with plan() to decide whether or not a test
should run.  have_* variants (have_module(), have_apache(), etc) are
now specifically for use outside of plan(), although they can continue
to be used within plan() without fear of current tests breaking.
[Geoffrey Young]

add need_php() and have_php() which will return true when either
mod_php4 or mod_php5 are available, providing functionality similar to
need_cgi() and have_cgi().
[Geoffrey Young]

Add APACHE_TEST_EXTRA_ARGS make variable to all invocations to t/TEST
to allow passing extra arguments from the command line. [Gozer]

When APACHE_TEST_NO_STICKY_PREFERENCES=1 is used don't even try to
interactively configure the server, as we don't save any config it was
entering an infinite loop. [Stas]

If a directory t/lib exists from where the tests are run, adjust
@INC so that this directory is added when running the tests,
both within t/TEST and within t/conf/
This allows inclusion of modules specific to the tests that
aren't intended to be installed. [Stas, Randy]

make a special case for threaded mpm configuration, to ensure that
unless maxclients was specified, MaxClients will be exactly twice
bigger than ThreadsPerChild (minclients), since if we don't do that,
Apache will reduce MaxClients to the same value as
ThreadsPerChild. [Stas]

Renamed generate_test_script() to generate_script() in Apache::TestMB
to match the naming convention used in Apache::TestMM and elsewhere.

Apache::TestMB now only prints the "Generating test running script"
message if verbosity is enabled (e.g., by passing --verbose when
executing Build.PL). [David]

Fixed the "requests_redirectable" parameter to
Apache::TestRequest::user_agent() so that it works as docmented when
passed a negative value. [Boris Zentner]

Documented support for passing an array reference to the
"requests_redirectable" parameter to Apache::TestRequest::user_agent()
to be passed to LWP::UserAgent if LWP ist installed. [David]

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