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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: current test failures
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 18:01:55 GMT

> ah, now it's clear. it's implemented in 2.0.47, right?
> Hmm, 2.0.47 was released a year ago. Do you think we may be should just
> drop 2.0.46? I wonder how many 2.0.46 users are out there. Poll the list?

I'm for dropping back to 2.0.47 outright in the next release.  IIRC libapreq
requires at least 2.0.47 so we're not alone.  poll the user list (not the
dev list ;) and you'll get 1001 different opinions :)

> If not we need to add the C compat layer object to the linking,
> which shouldn't be too hard to do.

sure, if we don't solve it via 2.0.47.


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