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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: current test failures
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 17:18:14 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
> I haven't run my nightly builds in a while, but I get the following failures
> against 2.0.46 at the moment:
> t/apr-ext/table.........................ok 42/52/perl/perl-5.8.4/bin/perl:
> relocation error:
> /src/mod_perl-2.0/blib/arch/Apache2/auto/APR/Table/ undefined
> symbol: apr_table_compress

That sounds familiar. We provide the backcompat layer for that function, 
remember? I think you added it. :)

>  t/api/request_rec.t has a handful of failures but looks like it is
> autogenerated, which may be the cause of the error - right now it's under
> cvs control so it may be out of date.

Yes, it's no longer autogenerated. You didn't check the output of 'cvs 
up', you had collisions which you needed to resolve by removing 

a better approach is to run t/TEST -clean before running 'cvs up'.

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