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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [apr] dropping Apache2/ subdir for APR::*
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 02:11:17 GMT
Stas Bekman <> writes:


> There are going to be various tricky bugs to figure out with the new
> things. I just had one when I tried:
> perl -MApache2 -MAPR::Pool -MAPR::PerlIO -le '; open my $fh, "<:APR",
> "/tmp/xxx", APR::Pool->new; print <$fh>'
> APR::PerlIO::read: (9) Bad file descriptor at -e line ...
> it took me time to figure out that the pool has gone out of scope and
> was destroyed by the time read was attempted. 

Yup- it took me a few reads to even understand the problem
you had :-).

> This fixed the problem:
> perl -MApache2 -MAPR::Pool -MAPR::PerlIO -le '; my $p =
> APR::Pool->new; open my $fh, "<:APR", "/tmp/xxx", $p; print <$fh>'
> tricky. We may need to have much more defending code if we don't want
> to get a rain of bug reports. And writing it is not trivial at all :(
> so in the case of open() we probably need to increment the refcount
> of the pool object and decrement it on close and hope that we don't
> get a leak anywhere. 

The problem is the same for any pool-derived object,

  #! perl
  use Apache2;
  use APR::Pool;
  use Apache::Request;
  my $req = Apache::Request->new(APR::Pool->new);
  print $req->param; #KaBoom!

In apreq we don't currently tag the pool SV that constructed us,
so a DESTROY method can't decrement it.  We could change that in 
apreq2,but doing that throughout mp2 might be messy.

Is it possible to do something within APR::Pool 
to address this?  Maybe calling APR::Pool->new()
can dish out pool objects from an internal list:

  package APR::Pool;
  sub new {
        my $parent = shift;
        if (!ref $parent) {
            my $pool = <new APR::Pool object>;
            push @INTERNAL_POOL_LIST, $pool;
            return $pool;

  sub DESTROY {
        my $pool = shift;
        if (!ref $pool) {
            pop @INTERNAL_POOL_LIST;

Here somebody would need to call APR::Pool->DESTROY
to actually relinquish the last pool.  Conway's OOP
book discusses the "flyweight pattern", which probably 
has much better ideas than this.

Joe Schaefer

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