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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [apr] dropping Apache2/ subdir for APR::*
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 00:50:36 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Stas Bekman <> writes:
> [...]
>>Of course for this to happen we need more hands to do the work,
>>and probably we shouldn't even start to do it now, instead spending
>>all the resources to get mp2 out first.
> +1 for putting this on the back burner.  Very soon there 
> will be two apr versions in the wild: 0.9.X and 1.0.X.  I
> think we should watch what sort of conflicts occur before 
> ripping APR:: out of mp2.
> For instance, if APR:: were a separate release right now, 
> post apr-1 some user will install the APR:: package from
> CPAN, and then later on might want httpd-2.0.50 with modperl2.
> After installing httpd-2.0.50, mp2 will then need to either 
> tell this guy to replace httpd-2.0 with httpd-2.2, or reinstall 
> a new APR:: using apr-0 instead (which may break other APR:: 
> apps he's already using), or else mp2 will have to supply its 
> own APR:: modules, in a non-colliding fashion (probably via
> MP_INST_APACHE2=1, even though mp1 isn't even being discussed).

Good thinking, Joe. We may start to always install mp2 into Apache2/ then, 
including its APR libs, so that it's self-contained.

There are going to be various tricky bugs to figure out with the new things. I 
just had one when I tried:

perl -MApache2 -MAPR::Pool -MAPR::PerlIO -le '; open my $fh, "<:APR", 
"/tmp/xxx", APR::Pool->new; print <$fh>'
APR::PerlIO::read: (9) Bad file descriptor at -e line ...

it took me time to figure out that the pool has gone out of scope and was 
destroyed by the time read was attempted. This fixed the problem:

perl -MApache2 -MAPR::Pool -MAPR::PerlIO -le '; my $p = APR::Pool->new; open 
my $fh, "<:APR", "/tmp/xxx", $p; print <$fh>'

tricky. We may need to have much more defending code if we don't want to get a 
rain of bug reports. And writing it is not trivial at all :(

so in the case of open() we probably need to increment the refcount of the 
pool object and decrement it on close and hope that we don't get a leak anywhere.

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