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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2 Patch] Make <Perl> sections strict by default
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 17:27:39 GMT
Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
>> Moreover now that I think about it I'm not quite sure why in the world 
>> someone will want to turn this feature on. Can you please remind me 
>> why was it added at all? If someone wants that badly then can just 
>> wrap the whole section in the eval {}  block.
> As far as I can tell/remember, this is simply a mp1 feature that I 
> wanted to
> preserve when porting the <Perl> code to mp2.
> I agree that it doesn't add much functionnality that an eval {} block 
> wouldn't
> allow (except maybe if the code _doesn't_ compile at all.
> How about this?
>  - Implement PerlSectionsNonFatal = 1
>  - Deprecate StrictPerlSections with a warning, unless MP_COMPAT_1X is 
> selected ?

If we agree that it has no real added value then we don't want it at all.

Though if we want to have it for backward compat, then we better keep the same 

So, +1 to keep the name and do have it only for MP_COMPAT_1X

Next it'd be nice to remove the mentioning of it in
src/docs/2.0/api.orig/Apache/PerlSections.pod and move it to 
user/porting/compat.pod. We shouldn't even mention backcompat features in the 
normal docs - only in the compat.pod.

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