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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject Re: [Patch mp2] Statically compiling mod_perl in httpd (take 2)
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 23:39:40 GMT

Stas Bekman wrote:
> Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
> [...]
>>Here is a revised patch that still works for me.

> Looks good

Thanks, the changes were mostly cosmetic, but I think your suggestions
made it clearer.

>>Index: Apache-Test/lib/Apache/
> [...]
>>     # untaint some %ENV fields
>>     local @ENV{ qw(PATH IFS CDPATH ENV BASH_ENV) };
>>+    $ENV{PATH} = '/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin';
>>     my $handle = Symbol::gensym();
>>     open $handle, "$cmd|" or die "$cmd failed: $!";
> What do you need that for and why the hardcoded paths?

That's an artefact from my builds that I could remove, I guess. It's because
if you run a static build and tests against a non-installed httpd build, the
actual httpd binary is a smart libtool shell script plucking things from .libs/
and such, right? And it uses plenty of ls, sed, grep and friends. When those
things are not in the path anymore, the httpd binary (shell script) will not
work at all.

Of course, I don't think there are a lot of folks out there that would run tests
that way without installing httpd, but I do.

Philippe M. Chiasson m/gozer\@(apache|cpan|ectoplasm)\.org/ GPG KeyID : 88C3A5A5     F9BF E0C2 480E 7680 1AE5 3631 CB32 A107 88C3A5A5

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