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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2 patch] ModPerl/ (was Re: [mp2] killing the ghost Apache:: usage?)
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2004 10:58:17 GMT
Boris Zentner wrote:
> It works better, but not right. It has the same problems as the last one, but 
> the other way around ;-)
> On my first test I found out that it is incredible slow. So iI move the 
>               return if $AUTOLOAD =~ /$skip/;
> line before the lookup_method. That is not right ever, your way looks much 
> better, but it was so slow. Perhaps other ideas are around.

What's slow? Are there too many calls to DESTROY? Can you add tracing to 
figure out the reason?

I thought to do so originally (move it up), but there are DESTROY methods in 
some of the classes, so I don't think this is right (unless we manually look 
them up and cache and then skip lookup if it's not in the cache.

> The second problem is if I have a class that inherits from another class with 
> splitted functions like Apache::RequestRec.
> package xxx;
> @ISA='Apache::RequestRec';
> sub new { bless $_[1], $_[0] }
> sub handler : method {
>   my ( $class, $rec ) = @_;
>   xxx->new( $rec )->print('hello world');
> }
> then AUTOLOAD is called and found out, that Apache::RequestRec is the 
> superclass of xxx and that Apache::RequestIO must be loaded. We require 
> Apache::RequestRec and then goto subroutine xxx::print. That is an endless 
> loop, since it calls AUTOLOAD to find out about xxx::print. In this case we 
> must call Apache::RequestRec::print, but we do not know about it we only know 
> Apache::RequestIO.

So there must be a bug in the code. That shouldn't be the case. Let's take the 
$obj->print() call for example. where $obj is a sub-class of 
Apache::RequestRec and let's say it's called My::RequestRec. The data we have is:

           'print' => [

so lookup_method internally finds two entries. none of them matches 
My::RequestRec. So it checks isa() and finds that the first entry matches. It 
should now return 'Apache::RequestIO', which AUTOLOAD loads and now when it 
calls goto, it calls that method.

This snippet I've quoted earlier shows that method_lookup returns 

perl -MModPerl::MethodLookup -le '\
package Apache::RequestRec; sub new { bless {}, shift }; \
package My::Request; @ISA = qw(Apache::RequestRec); \
package main; my $obj = My::Request->new();  \
my($hint, @modules) = ModPerl::MethodLookup::lookup_method("print", $obj); \
print $hint'
To use method 'print' add:
         use Apache::RequestIO ();

What do you see different?

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