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From Elizabeth Mattijsen <>
Subject Re: early perl startup in vhost on win32
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 18:10:30 GMT
At 10:00 -0800 1/12/04, Stas Bekman wrote:
>Elizabeth Mattijsen wrote:
>>Oh?  That's news to me.  I was under the impression the problem 
>>only existed on Win32.
>>Could you show me how to reproduce the problem on *nix?
>% perl-5.8.3-ithread -le 'use threads; threads->new(sub { sleep 
>1})->detach for 1..1'
>A thread exited while 2 threads were running.

Ah.  That!  That is considered to be correct behaviour (unless you're 
referring to the "2" instead of "1").

>>>In any case, for my test using join instead of detach does the 
>>>trick just fine.
>>Yes, but some people prefer to be able to use detach() at one point 
>>in the future, hence my repair module.  I thought it would just be 
>>needed on Win32.  If  it is needed on more platforms, I would like 
>>to know so that I can fix either the documentation and the internal 
>>OS checks.
>Sure, but I have another workaround for my module and I don't want 
>to create dependencies if I can avoid to.


>Besides, I find it worrying that we have a flurry of workaround 
>modules instead of trying to fix the core. Of course it's better 
>than nothing, but it all should really be fixed in the core.

There is another bug with detach() in Win32 which can cause crashes. 
It was decided on p5p that it would _not_ get fixed for 5.8.3.  So, 
that means at least 3 - 4 months of Windows users running into this. 
I have no doubt it will get fixed (actually, I'm assuming 5.8.4 in 
the source of Thread::Detach).  Until then, Thread::Detach is a 
workaround if you don't want to change your source.


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