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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: modperl-2.0/xs/tables/current/ModPerl
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 21:15:10 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>>>Hmm, how come there are deprecated? This is from
>>>>apr/include/apr_network_io.h APR_0_9_BRANCH
>>>you need to look at 1.0, of course.
>>Why? httpd-2.0 runs with APR_0_9_BRANCH, not 1.0. Or doesn't it?
> well, it does for the moment, yes.  but I've been cleaning things up so that
> the perl interfaces to APR are 1.0 compliant.  that was the goal a few
> months ago, IIRC.  it also keeps mod_perl compiling with 2.1, which I
> thought we had agreed was a worthy goal so long as we could keep 2.0 running
> at the same time.

Sure, as long as we don't just drop things.

> since none of these changes affect our ability to interact with httpd 2.0, I
> thought it was safe to remove them.  this all assumes that the APR::
> interfaces are focused on 1.0 compatibility and not 0.9 (which was my
> assumption).

httpd-2.0, yes. Not apr. I'm not sure how important for us to have a complete 
APR:: glue (at least for functions that could be useful for perl users) asap. 
I'm fine with not having this as a priority as a moment, only spending time on 
APR:: APIs which are really useful in the mod_perl context. Until someone will 
start using APR:: outside mod_perl and then they hopefully will lead the 
effort to add/fix missing/broken things in APR::.

>>In any case should we log that
>>somewhere in todo lists till someone asks for it and we don't have to
>>try to recall why it's not there?
> it's pretty obvious why it's not there if you look at the maps, which I tend
> to do all the time now.  but if you want to log it that's fine.

Hmm, how is it obvious if you have removed those functions from the map file, 
instead of marking them as disabled? I'm sure the map files miss quite a few 
of the C functions, so you can't just say that if it's not in the map file 
it's because it's disabled.

As a C user wanting to use a function apr_sockaddr_port_get in Perl, I'll grep 
the mp2 source for it and won't find it mentioned anywhere... well, I'll in 

>>It'd be also nice to add explanations in the map file, why certain
>>functions are marked with '!'. Perhaps ask Doug?
> you can if you like :)

what I meant is that since you said you're going to check why that function is 
  '!' once you figure out, cache that info in the comment so that we don't 
have to repeat that process in the future. Just like with C function API docs, 
we don't have the resources to go and them to all functions, but adding them 
as we write new functions or after spending some time trying to wrap our head 
around to understand what an existing function does, is a doable thing.

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