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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2] ModPerl-Registry redirect test
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 06:29:11 GMT
Randy Kobes wrote:
> I think if one wants to grow old fast, offer to help
> maintain File::Spec :)

There is a better candidate, ExtUtils::MakeMaker. I wonder how old was Michael 
2 years ago. ;)

>>So may be just go with:
>>   my $f = File::Spec::Unix->catfile(@_);
>>One more thing, I'm not sure about. File::Spec has a clear
>>separation between path and file/dir, the former
>>optionally includes the drive/volume information, the
>>latter do not. Does Win32::GetLongPathName($f) return a
>>path (including drive/volume) or just dir/file? i.e.
>>t_catfile* should deal only with dir/file and not path?
> Win32::GetLongPathName(), if given a drive/volume, will use
> that, and include that in what it gives back. So, for
> example, I could get the long path name for something on
> drive D:\ by running a script on drive C:\. If no drive is
> specified, then the input is assumed to be on the drive the
> script is run on, and no drive appears in the output.

So if you have:
C:\\MODPERL~1 => C:\\mod_perl-foo-1
D:\\MODPERL~1 => D:\\mod_perl-bar-1

and pass MODPERL~1 to Win32::GetLongPathName() without the drive, it will 
expand it as if C:\\mod_perl-foo-1 (if cwd is somewhere in C:\\) even if 
D:\\mod_perl-bar-1 was intended. I guess that's expected, and you better not 
forget to pass that drive letter... ;)

>>Or am I wrong and it's file/path vs. dir? It just makes no
>>difference on Unix, so I'm a bit confused here.

> +sub t_catfile {
> +    my $f = catfile(@_);
> +    return $f unless file_name_is_absolute($f);
> +    return Apache::TestConfig::WIN32 ?
> +        Win32::GetLongPathName($f) : $f;
> +}
> +
> +sub t_catfile_apache {
> +    my $f = File::Spec::Unix->catfile(@_);
> +    return $f unless file_name_is_absolute($f);
> +    return Apache::TestConfig::WIN32 ?
> +        Win32::GetLongPathName($f) : $f;
>  }

+1 plus probably add an inlined comment for both explaining why there are 
needed, and the pod sections. i'd also add a comment that GetLongPathName 
requires an absolute path to work.

> -my $script_file = catfile $vars->{serverroot}, 'cgi-bin', '';
> +my $script_file = t_catfile_apache($vars->{serverroot}, 'cgi-bin', '');

no need for () as it's imported.

> -    my $script_file = catfile $vars->{serverroot}, 'cgi-bin', '';
> +    my $script_file = t_catfile_apache($vars->{serverroot}, 'cgi-bin', '');


>      ok t_cmp(
>          "ok $script_file",
> ====================================================================
> You raised a good point before about potentially
> File::Spec::Unix at sometime in the future not being usable
> on non-Unix; I guess this is something we'll have to watch
> for. It does happen in principle - for example,
> File::Spec::VMS requires VMS::Filespec, which presumably is
> a VMS-specific module. However, at this point all of the
> non-Unix File::Spec::* require File::Spec::Unix, so it
> appears by design that File::Spec::Unix is the "base" class.

Sounds good.

So go ahead and commit the stuff... thanks Randy!

Stas Bekman            JAm_pH ------> Just Another mod_perl Hacker     mod_perl Guide --->

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