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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: BUG REPORT: modperl(dev) make fails at "`APR_SO_TIMEOUT' undeclared"
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 07:02:31 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>BTW, why Finfo doesn't use uid/gid but user/group? because of the C data
>>struct names? It's probably more intuitive to rename them to be uid/gid,
>>since they return the ids and not names.
> I don't think we have typically been renaming struct slots but rather
> carrying them directly over for accessors/mutators.  at least I can't think
> of an example where we have renamed stuff.  personally, I prefer it the way
> it is - it keeps the C and the Perl API consistent.

sure, no problem. We just used to fix things when they aren't right in the C 
API. Calling uid/gid user/group is not the most intuitive choice. But I'm fine 
with whatever you think is right.

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