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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: BUG REPORT: modperl(dev) make fails at "`APR_SO_TIMEOUT' undeclared"
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 01:56:59 GMT

> I just tested and it seems to work fine for me under 'root'. Notice that
> all files under t are chowned to the user/group the server is running
> under (not-root) before the tests are run.

yes, for me too, but on linux.  did you test any OSX variant, though?

richard, are you on darwin or panther?  I have access to darwin but not
panther, so my debugging is limited.

> I think I remember about a similar problem discussed on p5p
>     # testing : $r->finfo->user()
>     # expected: 4294967294
>     # received: -2
>     not ok 7
>     # testing : $r->finfo->group()
>     # expected: 4294967294
>     # received: -2
> Notice that the expected values are not very good. 

but they match what Apache-Test is doing.  from richard's output

  ** root mode: changing the files ownership to 'nobody' (4294967294:4294967294)

so perl is being consistent with itself, at least.  apr  merely reports back
the result from an fstat call, so the issue really does seem to be with the
underlying OS.

> Here it is:

those are good links.  however, according to nick in the first thread, they
all seem to be talking about c/mtime, not uid/gid.

> and we also need to document that that finfo doesn't give a valid
> user/group under Darwin/UFS.

I think that's premature at this point.  we can just keep skipping failing
platforms, I suppose, but I'd rather find someone who really understands
this OSX biz before we simply proclaim that the results are meaningless on
that platform.  that it works fine as non-root (with sensical 501:0 values)
leads me to believe that something else is going on.

> Geoff, you are taking care of this?

haven't I been?

I'll piddle around on moof a bit, but underlying POSIX stuff (or whatever it
is) really isn't my strong point.


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