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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: modperl-2.0/xs/tables/current/Apache
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 18:27:43 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:

>>It'd be better to commit this separately, as it has nothing to do with
>>the rest of the commit.
> well, the goal for me was to get things working with 2.1.  before commit was
>  not working, after commit was.

it's ok if it was committed by mistake, but if you simply don't care to keep 
commits clean than :(

>>I don't like the duplication that this auth thing creates. May be we
>>should consider adding some magic to Apache-Test to use the right
>>IfModule depending on the used httpd version used.
> I guess.  magic makes things wierd, though - magically turning mod_access.c
> to mod_authz_host might just be confusing.

But it avoids an error-prone duplications.

>>>  - apr_uri_default_port_for_scheme
>>>  + apr_uri_port_of_scheme
>>You replaced apr_uri_default_port_for_scheme with
>>apr_uri_port_of_scheme, but logged only that the former was deleted.
> actually, I'm not sure exactly what the above bit of magic does.  when I
> inadvertnetly added apr_uri_port_of_scheme to the function table it was
> generated twice (because it was in the function table twice).  so it may
> have always been there.  I didn't check.

it was in the table, but wasn't in the map. It wasn't enabled until now.

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