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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2] ModPerl-Registry redirect test
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 18:27:44 GMT
Randy Kobes wrote:
> Those names sound good ... However, there already is a
> makepath function in Apache::TestUtil, for (physically)
> making a path. How about t_caturl and t_catpath?

I don't think it's correct to use 'path', since in File::Spec lingo path 
includes volume, whereas dir/file doesn't?

>>BTW, regarding Win32::GetLongPathName($f), shouldn't
>>File::Spec be fixed to do the right thing regarding the
>>short path? what about canonpath()?
> In this context I'm not sure what the right thing is ...
> If one passed in a short path name into File::Spec, then
> for it to do a conversion to a long path name would probably
> be incorrect. And similarly for passing in a long path
> name and getting a short path name. I think the philosophy
> of File::Spec is just to work with what's given, and leave
> it to the user to do any conversions needed.

The fact that we even have to workaround File::Spec already shows that 
something is wrong. (i.e. r->filename doesn't return the platform specific path).

> If I'm reading File::Spec correctly, canonpath is called
> within catfile.


>>>+    return Apache::TestConfig::WIN32 ?
>>>+        Win32::GetLongPathName($f) : $f;
>>>+sub caturl_normalized {
>>>+    my $f = File::Spec::Unix->catfile(@_);
>>>+    return Apache::TestConfig::WIN32 ?
>>>+        Win32::GetLongPathName($f) : $f;

BTW, I think this code won't create the long path if you give it a relative 
path, since it'll never find it and won't know how to expand it. Am I correct?

>>> }
>>I'd use an explicit: join '/', @_ here. It doesn't sound
>>right to use File::Spec::Unix->catfile for constructing
>>urls, even if it happens to do that,
> Shouldn't one also do some cleanup and checks, like is done
> in catpath:
> sub t_catpath {
>   my $file = canonpath(pop @_);
>   return $file unless @_;
>   my $dir = catdir(@_);
>   $dir .= '/' unless substr($dir, -1) eq '/';
>   return $dir.$file;
> }

Doesn't canonpath taking care of cleaning the path (/ dups and such)? Can 
canonpath be called on a relative path?

I'm still unhappy about whatever_url() working with fs paths. I guess I'm 
taking my words on using Unix-> back. At least we know that we work with paths 
and not urls. How about this:

# concat a dir/file using unix path separators
# no platform specific path cleanups are run unless the filepath is absolute
sub t_catfile_unix {
     my $f = canonpath join "/", @_;
     return $f unless File::Spec->file_name_is_absolute($f);
     return Apache::TestConfig::WIN32 ?
         Win32::GetLongPathName($f) : $f;

# concat a dir/file ala catfile
# and run platform specific path cleanups if the filepath is absolute
sub t_catfile {
     my $f = File::Spec->catfile(@_);
     return $f unless File::Spec->file_name_is_absolute($f);
     return Apache::TestConfig::WIN32 ?
         Win32::GetLongPathName($f) : $f;

or may be even better:
? to denote that we catfile the apache way?

I won't try to use File::Spec::Unix instead of join '/', because one day it 
may stop loading on non-Unix...

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