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From Elizabeth Mattijsen <>
Subject Re: [mp2] perl_clone takes 5 and more seconds to complete
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 14:52:38 GMT
At 09:37 -0500 11/5/03, Vivek Khera wrote:
>  >>>>> "SB" == Stas Bekman <> writes:
>SB> Where does this bring us? When a new request is coming in and all
>SB> interpreters are busy and the pool quota is not full, a new
>SB> interepreter will be cloned.  And your request will be served in
>SB> 6-10 secs instead of 50msecs. Now imagine a busy webserver with no
>Anyhow, why would it take so long to clone a thread?  Is perl chasing
>down every single memory pointer or something?

Yes.  And every shared variable lives inside each thread as a tied 
variable with its CPU and memory overhead.  And inside a hidden 

>It kind of makes you
>rethink the whole 'threads are better than processes' debate if your
>threads are more heavy-weight than processes ;-)

Hence   ;-)


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