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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject [RELEASE CANDIDATE] mod_perl-1.99_11 RC1
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 21:00:51 GMT
a release candidate for mod_perl 1.99_11 is now available for testing.  note 
that 1.99_11 will be required for users running perl 5.8.2.

please grab the candidate from

and report back successes or failures.  when reporting failures, please see 
the bug reporting guidelines at

so your report can get the best attention possible.


Changes since 1.99_10:

add a build/win32_fetch_apxs script (called within the top-level
Makefile.PL) to offer to fetch and install a Win32 development
version of apxs and (apr|apu)-config [Randy Kobes]

rewrite $r->read() and perlio read functions to use the same function,
which completely satisfies the read request if possible, on the way
getting rid of get_client_block and its supporting functions which
have problems and will most likely will be removed from the httpd-API
in the future. Directly manipulate bucket brigades instead. [Stas]

Since pops /foo/Apache2 dirs to the top of @INC, it now
also takes care of keeping lib and blib dirs before the system dirs,
so that previously installed libraries won't get loaded instead of the
currently uninstalled libraries that are under test. [Stas]

When 'make test' fails we now print the info on what to do next [Stas]

At the end of 'make install' we now print the info how to proceed with
mod_perl and what to do in the case of post-install problems [Geoff]

Adjust the source to properly work with 5.8.2's new algorithm of
dynamic re-hashing of hashes on hash collision attack. [Nicholas Clark
<>, Stas]. Add a test that mounts such an attack so we
can verify that we can survive this rehashing. [Scott A Crosby
<>, Nicholas Clark <>, Tels
<>, Mark Jason Dominus <>, Stas]

Standardize the Apache::PerlSections package name to it's plural form for
clarity and so that the pod gets glued in it's proper place.
[Philippe M. Chiasson <>]

return value from Perl callbacks are now passed directly to Apache
without additional post-call manipulations (such as assuming HTTP_OK
should really be OK).  [Geoffrey Young]

perl 5.8.1 w/ ithreads has a bug where it reports the wrong parent pid
(as if the process was never forked), provide a local workaround (+ new
test). [Rafael Garcia-Suarez <>]

overriden STD* streams now can be further overriden and will be
properly restored, which allows functions like $r->internal_redirect
work (+add tests) [Stas]

implement perlio's getarg hook, which now allows dupping STD* streams
overloaded by modperl [Stas]

Add PerlMapToStorageHandler [Geoffrey Young]

callbacks are now expected to return a meaningful value
(OK, SERVER_ERROR, etc) or return via an official API
(exit, die, etc).  relying on implicit returns from the
last call evaluated by a subroutine may result in server
errors.  [Stas, Geoffrey Young]

in the MP_MAINTAINER mode add the -Werror compilation flag when perl
v5.6.2 or higher is used, so that we don't miss compilation
warnings. [Stas]

fix the Makefile.PL option parser to support overriding of certain
build options, in addition to appending to them (.e.g. now MP_LIBNAME
is overridable) [Andrew Wyllie <>]

make sure that connection filters won't be inserted as request filters

Prevent the 'Use of uninitialized value.' warning when
ModPerl::Util::exit is used. [Stas]

To make the test-sute sandbox-friendly, which break when things try to
run off /tmp, use t/logs as the location of the mod_cgid socket and
TMPDIR env var [Haroon Rafique <>]

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