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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2] including a Win32 apxs?
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 09:13:53 GMT
Randy Kobes wrote:
>>If not, perhaps we should just bundle it
>>with mod_perl? Or would it be a bad idea? The fetch thing
>>sounds OK, but what if the there is no network available
>>during the install? Also some people won't like "random"
>>code being brought and installed without them reviewing it
>>first? May be Makefile.PL should die telling the user what
>>to do. e.g. we could include this fetch thing in a
>>build/fetch_win32_apxs and just tell the user to run it
>>first, install it and then return to the normal build?
>>Just throwing ideas...
> That's a good point about the external code being brought
> in, and also a potential lack of a network ... One advantage
> to running it from Makefile.PL (or equivalent) though is
> that MP_AP_PREFIX is available, which is used to install
> apxs. What about offering a choice:
> - ignore apxs (things still build)
> - install automatically
> - quit, and run a build/fetch_win32_apxs script
> - give the location where the sources are, for
>   manual installation

Sounds fine to me, win32 users may have more useful input.

> The following implements that; unfortunately, it still
> expands Makefile.PL - perhaps this could be moved elsewhere,
> or perhaps the number of options cut down, or perhaps I
> could be less verbose ...

Don't worry about this at the moment, we can refactor that code later.
> +sub fetch_apxs {
> +    my $prefix = $build->{MP_AP_PREFIX};

are you sure it's always set to a sensible value?

> +    return if -e catfile($prefix, 'bin', 'apxs.bat1');

I sure don't know what I'm talking about but why 'bat1'? Shouldn't that be 'bat'?

the problem with the suggested build/ is that if the user 
wants to abort the install and start again it's going to be fetched again. I 
think should just fetch and fetch_apxs() should return if 
it finds the files already. May be s/fetch_apxs/run_win32_apxs/ which will 
fetch the files if they weren't fetched already?

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