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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2] perl_clone takes 5 and more seconds to complete
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 20:11:36 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> Applying a simple trace to modperl_interp.c:
>> +        MP_TRACE_i(MP_FUNC, "perl_clone start\n");
>>          interp->perl = perl_clone(perl, clone_flags);
>> +        MP_TRACE_i(MP_FUNC, "perl_clone end\n");
>> easily shows that perl_clone() is the one that takes an impractical 
>> amount of time to complete.
>> Where does this bring us? When a new request is coming in and all 
>> interpreters are busy and the pool quota is not full, a new 
>> interepreter will be cloned. And your request will be served in 6-10 
>> secs instead of 50msecs. Now imagine a busy webserver with no spare 
>> CPU cycles, perl_clone may take 20 secs and more.
> I certainly don't disagree with you that this is not ideal and we ought 
> to improve it if we can.

The problem is that it's not under our control. The slow part is perl_clone, 
which is a perl API. It's slow because it takes time to clone all the 
non-mutable data. Nick has been working on COW (Copy-On-Write), but from his 
reports it doesn't seem to give much speedup if at all.

> however, what this means to me is that you need to tweak and tune a 
> threaded mpm - namely PerlInterpMinSpare - just like you do prefork if 
> you don't want your application to suffer.  I know lots of people were 
> hoping that the threaded mpms would improve performance by mere virtue 
> of the reduced process size, but I guess there is a trade-off in that.

Yup. The only way I see it working well is by using dedicated pools for each 
separate application which uses its own modules, not overlapping with other apps.

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