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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: saving the 'here is how to report bugs' cycle
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 04:37:38 GMT

>> we also might want to consider a nice completion banner of some sort.  
> what do you mean? Like I did above? Of course...
>> I'm kinda partial to a format similar to one at the end of an 
>> apache-1.3 install myself :)
> We should probably use a distinct format if possible. Personally I'm 
> sort of so used to httpd's box, I always ignore it. So if they add some 
> important notice in there I won't notice. So may be we should use a 
> random border char...

oh, I didn't mean the actual format of the box - do what you wish.

I was more talking about perhaps pointers to the mod_perl homepage, your 
bug-reporting link, "Thanks for using mod_perl", etc - whatever we can put 
in there that makes it feel professional and informative, but not so much 
information that it's useless-via-overload.


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