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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: OS/X 10.3 & mp2
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 02:50:17 GMT

> there are some os/x boxes lurking in the ASF world.. post a note to 
> infrastructure@ about it... you should be able to get an account on one..

ah, cool.  thanks.

> Ian-Holsmans-Computer:/usr/local/src/modperl-2.0 ianh$ t/TEST 
> t/modperl/status.t -v -preamble "PerlTrace all" > ~/Desktop/mp2.txt
> *** setting ulimit to allow core files
> ulimit -c unlimited; t/TEST 't/modperl/status.t' -v -preamble 'PerlTrace 
> all'
> Syntax error on line 43 of /usr/local/src/modperl-2.0/t/conf/httpd.conf:
> Invalid command 'PerlTrace', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module 
> not included in the server configuration
> !!! server failed to start! (t/logs/error_log wasn't created, start the 
> server in the debug mode)
> the only thing I can think of is that a existing mod-perl(1.26)/old perl 
> install is messing with this test

ugh.  does panther come with mp1 installed?

even if it does, I find it surprising that PerlTrace fails but the server 
starts for 'make test' - the httpd.conf used for the tests is full of mp2 
config directives.

anyway, try using

$ MOD_PERL_TRACE=all t/TEST -v t/modperl/status.t -v

and see if that changes things.  you might need to

$ t/TEST -conf

first to wipe away the old -preamble.  also, perhaps the error_log from the 
above test without tracing on would be enough to illustrate the problem.

strange indeed.  I'll have to get that account...


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