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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: t/SMOKE on win32
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 16:16:21 GMT
On Fri, 3 Oct 2003, Steve Hay wrote:

> Randy Kobes wrote:
[ .. ]
> >I won't be able to try this until tomorrow, but a thought I
> >had was that, since passing in 'undef' for STDIN to run3 (so
> >that the child inherits the parent's STDIN) helps in
> >apparently getting rid of the errors for STDIN, it may be
> >worth trying that for STDERR and STDOUT as well. That is, do
> >the STDOUT and STDERR dups and redirections before calling
> >run3, at least for the tests. It's not pretty, but it may
> >help to nail down where the problem lies.
> >
> >
> I hope I've misinterpreted your instructions here, because what I've
> just tried didn't work at all :-s
> I applied the attached patch to the version of that
> included your most recent patch.  This leaves the "undef" for STDIN, and
> now changes STDOUT and STDERR to "undef" as well, having first
> redirected them to the $log scalar.  (I had to look up Perl's open()
> manpage for that -- I didn't realise you could re-direct a filehandle to
> a scalar!  The manpage advises closing the affected filehandles before
> attempting such re-direction, which is what I've done.)
> I probably haven't done the right thing w.r.t. error handling -- I just
> wanted to see if it worked.
> It didn't.


> Now when I run "perl t/SMOKE" I find that an Apache.exe is started, and
> that's all!  The SMOKE program exits and leaves Apache.exe running, but
> didn't actually run any tests!  There's nothing in the error_log (after
> the server startup messages) either.
> Hopefully I've just done it all wrong, and it'll work fine when you try
> it!... :-)
> - Steve

You tried essentially what I was thinking of ... The only
thing I can think of changing at the moment is to use
a different scalar ($log_stdout and $log_stderr) for
capturing STDOUT and STDERR ...

best regards,

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