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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: t/SMOKE on win32
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 09:07:56 GMT
Steve Hay wrote:

> I'll try to find something that reliably reproduces the problem, 
> rather than scratching my head over these random failures...

Well, it seems that the problem with STDOUT is much more reproduceable 
than the problem with STDIN was.  I tried Smoking one of the tests that 
a full Smoke run had fallen over on, and found that it falls over 
straight away on its own.  The same seems to be true of all the tests 
that I've seen full Smoke runs die on.  Thus, each of these commands

    perl t/SMOKE modules\cgi
    perl t/SMOKE modules\include
    perl t/SMOKE apache\scanhdrs
    perl t/SMOKE api\rflush

fall over ("Failed to dup STDOUT...") every time, while most other 
tests, e.g.

    perl t/SMOKE protocol\echo_filter
    perl t/SMOKE hooks\stacked_handlers
    perl t/SMOKE apache\post
    perl t/SMOKE api\conn_rec

all run fine every time.

The above list of tests that fall over is almost certainly not complete 
(discovering a complete list would be far too tedious), but hopefully 
might help.  The question is: What do the failing tests all do that the 
working tests all don't do?

Damned if I can see the answer yet, though...

- Steve

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