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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: t/SMOKE on win32
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2003 23:08:09 GMT
Steve Hay wrote:

> BTW, Why is it ">&STDIN"?  I would have thought "<&STDIN" makes more 
> sense.  Anyway, I tried rebuilding everything with "<&STDIN" and it made 
> no difference - testsuite OK, smoke NOT OK.

Another good catch, I've committed the fix. Thank you, Steve.

>>>> Can you reproduce this problem outside t/SMOKE? You should be able 
>>>> to by doing:
>>>> t/TEST -start
>>>> t/TEST -run modperl\cookie
>>>> t/TEST -stop
>>>> since that's what t/SMOKE does 
>>> No - I tried that half a dozen or more times, and it worked fine 
>>> every time, with or without your patch.
>>> The last failure that I had (with your patch in place) was on only 
>>> the second test that it tried, so I tried running them both like this:
>>>    perl t/TEST -start
>>>    perl t/TEST filter\out_str_req_mix
>>>    perl t/TEST modperl\env
>>>    perl t/TEST -stop
>>> to try and reproduce what the SMOKE had actually done, but that 
>>> worked too!
>> So is it possible that the bug comes from perl? This randomness is 
>> troubling. (Did you have some magnetic storms in England recently? ;) 
> Funny you should mention that - the weather has just taken a turn for 
> the worse!

Hope that the problem will disappear as the sun will come out ;)

>> can you write a plain perl script that does:
>>   open my $oldout, ">&STDIN" or die "Can't dup STDIN: $!";
>>   then restores it and then re-opens again? and try to run it several 
>> times (outside modperl)? 
> Is this the sort of thing you had in mind?:-


> =====
> use strict;
> use warnings;
> for (1 .. 100) {
>    open my $oldin, "<&STDIN" or die "Can't dup STDIN: $!";
>    close STDIN;
>    printf "Dupped STDIN as fileno %d\n", fileno $oldin;
>    open STDIN, "<&", $oldin or die "Can't restore STDIN: $!";
>    close $oldin;
>    printf "Restored STDIN as fileno %d\n", fileno STDIN;
> }
> =====
> I've called the variable $oldin rather than $oldout, and used "<" rather 
> than ">".  (Otherwise Perl warns "Filehandle STDIN reopened as STDIN 
> only for output" when restoring STDIN.)
> The above runs fine using the same Perl (5.8.1) that I'm running 
> mod_perl-1.99_10 with.  (It also works OK with ">" instead of "<" aside 
> from the warnings from Perl.)

Thanks, it's probably more involved than this then.

I'm thinking that you may get this error if STDIN was already closed before it 
was attempted to be dupped. If only you could reliably reproduce the problem.

Another peculiar thing about this problem is that Randy doesn't seem to have 
this problem. Can you try and compare your environments/builds and see why 
it's only you who gets it?

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