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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [mp2] useless warning on ModPerl::Util::exit()
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2003 00:38:31 GMT
ydnar wrote:

>>>Note, my httpd.conf uses PerlSwitches -wT. Removing -w and using "use
>>>warnings FATAL => 'all';" does *not* reproduce the problem.
>>That's obvious.
> Obvious to whom?

Sorry, if you turn the warnings off, you get no warnings ;)

>>Does it make any difference if you do:
>>- exit 0;
>>+ ModPerl::Util::exit();
>>+ return Apache::OK;
> Isn't the point of exit() to stop execution of the particular thread of
> code?

Yup, to stop the current handler and move onto the logging phase to be exact.

> The exit test handler has code below the call to ModPerl::Util::exit()
> commented "not reached." I assume this means that exit() works
> as-advertised.
>>may I ask, why do you call exit?
> There are a few places internally where processing can fail. Certain
> functions
> return user-friendly error messages to the browser and exit() instead of
> returning to the calling script/module.

Very good

>>Also you didn't answer my 2 questions below.
> Your first question was answered in my initial email. It occurs with 5.8.1.
> It
> also occurs with 5.8.0 and mod_perl 1.99.09 as well, if you care.

it says 5.8.0, the perl -V is from 5.8.1, that's why I asked.

> It does not occur when running the t/TEST script. I was not able to modify
> t/response/TestModperl/ to reproduce either. Hence the example
> handler as you requested.

Perfect, I'm now able to reproduce your problem. Please stay tuned for the fix.

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