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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: t/SMOKE on win32
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 17:31:53 GMT
Steve Hay wrote:
> Randy Kobes wrote:
>> On Tue, 30 Sep 2003, Stas Bekman wrote:
>>> Barrie Slaymaker wrote:
>>>> On Sep 30 2003, Stas Bekman wrote:
>>>>> Isn't IPC::Run3 based on IPC::Run? So if IPC::Run doesn't work...
>>>> No, it's smaller, faster, lighter ;)
>>>> It's "all new code", no select().  Uses File::Temp
>>>> temporary files to optionally queue up input for the
>>>> child, runs the child, optionally with any stdout and/or
>>>> stderr redirects to other temp files, then slurps the
>>>> results.  Simple.  Portable.  Relatively efficient for
>>>> small to moderate amounts of data, especially when you
>>>> start comparing it to the things that IPC::Run does when
>>>> faced with the odd behaviors of Win32's anonymous pipe
>>>> and TCP socket APIs (you want the child to have pipe()s,
>>>> but you can't select() on pipes, and I don't know how to
>>>> take a pipe handle that Win32 gives me and do a blocking
>>>> poll on it a la select()--WaitForMultipleObjects() might
>>>> do it, but I'm no guru there).
>>> So may be we could try it. If Randy says that it works for
>>> him, we will happily move to use it instead ;)
>> And that does seem to work! A diff appears below (not tested
>> on linux) - in this, I also added a change to
>> to print out a message on Win32 when shutting down the
>> server, as that's expected when checking that the server
>> successfully shut down in
> This version gets SMOKE running, but it doesn't seem to be able to keep 
> running.
> I have a 1.99_10 build tree in which "nmake test" runs with all tests 
> successful every time, but when I try "perl t/SMOKE" with your patch 
> below, I find that one of the tests has an error and causes everything 
> to stop.
> I've tried it three times now.  Each time I had it fail on a different 
> test (modperl\cookie, modperl\endav, modperl\post_utf8), but every time 
> I get this message written into t/logs/error_log:
>    Failed to dup STDIN: Permission denied.

That sounds bad. What it tries to do is:

   open my $oldout, ">&STDIN" or die "Can't dup STDIN: $!";

though using the C API:


     status = Perl_do_open(aTHX_ handle_save, ">&STDIN", 8, FALSE, O_RDONLY,
                           0, Nullfp);
     if (status == 0) {
         Perl_croak(aTHX_ "Failed to dup STDIN: %_", get_sv("!", TRUE));

Hmm, looks like I can't count. Does this help:

Index: src/modules/perl/modperl_io.c
RCS file: /home/cvs/modperl-2.0/src/modules/perl/modperl_io.c,v
retrieving revision 1.11
diff -u -r1.11 modperl_io.c
--- src/modules/perl/modperl_io.c       24 Aug 2003 19:37:29 -0000      1.11
+++ src/modules/perl/modperl_io.c       1 Oct 2003 17:30:27 -0000
@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@
      MP_TRACE_o(MP_FUNC, "start");

      /* open my $oldout, ">&STDIN" or die "Can't dup STDIN: $!"; */
-    status = Perl_do_open(aTHX_ handle_save, ">&STDIN", 8, FALSE, O_RDONLY,
+    status = Perl_do_open(aTHX_ handle_save, ">&STDIN", 7, FALSE, O_RDONLY,
                            0, Nullfp);
      if (status == 0) {
          Perl_croak(aTHX_ "Failed to dup STDIN: %_", get_sv("!", TRUE));

> This is the only message in the log after the server has started up, and 
> it doesn't appear until the test fails.  I'm using IPC::Run3 0.009 on 
> Perl 5.8.1 / Apache 2.0.47.

Can you reproduce this problem outside t/SMOKE? You should be able to by doing:

t/TEST -start
t/TEST -run modperl\cookie
t/TEST -stop

since that's what t/SMOKE does

> I also find that the SMOKE stops smoking when the test fails.  For 
> example, here's the end of my third SMOKE run:
> =====
> [...]
> modperl\post_utf8....request has failed (the response code was: 500)
> see t/logs/error_log for more details
> dubious
>        Test returned status 9 (wstat 2304, 0x900)
> !!! error running tests (please examine t\logs\error_log)
> *** server localhost:8529 is not running
> !!! failed to stop server
> *** server localhost:8529 is not running
> =====
> Is that supposed to happen?  I thought it would have carried on, and 
> then given a report at the end of all the tests that failed.  Maybe it's 
> just because the error that occurred actually took the Apache server 
> down.  Perhaps SMOKE should have the ability to restart Apache if/when 
> that happens, so that it can carry on?

This is by design. Normally you bring 'make test' to 100% completion, then you 
start looking for combinations of tests that may cause a failure. If it finds 
such a combination it tries to reduce it to the minimal sequence so it's easy 
to reproduce and debug. However if it finds that running a single test alone 
causes a failure, it immediately quits since what's the point of trying again 
if that test will fail again, no new results will be acquired.

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