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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: t/SMOKE on win32
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 14:51:15 GMT
Randy Kobes wrote:

>On Tue, 30 Sep 2003, Steve Hay wrote:
>>Randy Kobes wrote:
>[ ... ]
>>>Here's a first stab at a patch to get t/SMOKE running on
>>>Win32. I tried to localize the Win32 changes by putting
>>>them in their own sub. The full functionality is probably
>>>not all there - it still needs more testing - but it does
>>>seem workable in principle.
>>It didn't make any difference to mine :-(
>>I applied the patch OK to a freshly built 1.99_10, but running "perl
>>t/SMOKE" (from the top-level of the mp2 build tree) still outputs:
>>C:\Temp\mod_perl-1.99_10>perl t/SMOKE
>>*** Using random number seed: 999532463 (autogenerated)
>>*** [001-00-00] trying all tests 10 times
>>!!! failed to start server
>> '.' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
>>operable program or batch file.
>Strange - there was an error like this from before by
>trying to run ./TEST (from about line 122 of,
>but I thought that was fixed in the patch ... Can you tell
>where this might be coming from? Also (just in case ...:),
>did you do an 'nmake' after patching, so that the patched
> from lib/ gets copied over into blib/?
I've got it working now - I'd actually patched the 
blib/lib/Apache/ file itself (my patch program couldn't find 
a file to patch so it asked me, and that's what I gave it).  Following 
your comment above I've now copied the patched into 
Apache-Test/lib/Apache as well, and now it's smoking!

So presumably t/SMOKE uses Apache-Test/lib rather than blib/lib?

- Steve

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