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From Nicholas Clark <>
Subject Re: mp1 and %INC (was Re: 5.8.2 perldelta)
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 21:20:54 GMT
On Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 10:30:19AM -0500, Geoffrey Young wrote:

> "The following patch arranges for failures to be cached in %INC as undef
> values (success is still cached as filename).  I think this should be OK;
> I'm not aware of any other meaning for undef values in %INC (and neither is
> the test suite)."
> I think it would help mod_perl (and possibly others) is the trigger were 
> something other than undef - a specific marker could blacklist the module, 
> while undef could continue to work as before and allow for a reload.

I believe that PL_sv_placeholder is available for use, and won't show
up on any keys %INC

However, for maint I'd prefer a patch which doesn't change the semantics
of (what is visible by perl in) %INC

The current patch is backed out of maint (but still in blead)

As maint pumpking I'd prefer not to be the one interacting with future
revisions in the blead tree. I believe that there are at least 6 other
people on p5p with blead commit.
[I'd prefer to stay blinkered and just deal with p4 integrate commands]

Nicholas Clark

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