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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: [mp1] 1.28 release candidate #2
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 08:32:12 GMT
Hi Philippe,

Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:

>On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 00:12, Steve Hay wrote:
>>Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
>>>If you feel like submitting a back-port of Apache::Reload (with or
>>>without my new namespace deletion code), that has a few decents tests
>>>for it and works with perl 5.5.3 up to bleadperl, I would be happy to
>>>slip it into mp 1.28 with a version of 1.0_0 or similar to make sure
>>>CPAN won't be fooled into installing it for now. Just noticed there is
>>>Apache::Reload 0.07 on CPAN, so it would be safe.
>>The last patch that I submitted 

>>almost fits the bill -- just remove the "if (MOD_PERL2)" stuff at the 
>>top for a mp1-only version.
>>However, that uses the B module, which is only available from 5.005_03 
>>up.  That's all that you're asking for above, but when I previously 
>>pointed out that the current mp1 Makefile.PL specifies 5.003_97 up (in 
>>general, different on Win32/cygwin), you said that you didn't want to 
>>have to up the minimum requirement to 5.005_03.
>>I also currently have no idea how to write tests for Apache modules and 
>>I'm unlikely to learn in the next couple of days, so unless you're happy 
>>with a 5.005_03 requirement for Apache::Reload and either don't mind 
>>having no tests or else can write some yourself then it looks like I'll 
>>have to wait until 1.29.
>Here is what I think I am going to do in light of all this and a high
>level of cafeeine...
>Take Apache::Reload from mp2 as-is (it's 0.9), and mod_perl1-ify it.
>Dump it in mod_perl 1
>Change it's version number to 0.8_1 so CPAN won't pick it up.
>Release 1.28 (eventually...)
>Then work on the added functionnality for Apache::Reload and solve all
>other issues of dependencies on B, ModPerl::Util::symbol_undef_code,
Good idea!  We've had so many ideas flying around about how to implement 
the new "UndefOnReload" feature and where to put the code that I'd 
completely forgotten that there is an existing module that already works 
(without that feature)!  Getting that into mp1 as a first step is an 
excellent move.

>I don't want this issue to slow down the long-awaited release of 1.28.
>But at the same time , StatINC is quite old and users of mp1 should be
>'motivated' to upgrade to Apache::Reload, so it makes sense to go in mp1
>as well.
>Maybe for 1.29 we could even talk about deprecating/removing
>Apache::StatINC alltogether, for example.
I expect there would be some objections to removing Apache::StatINC 
altogether (at least for while yet).  Deprecating it is certainly a good 
idea once the "UndefOnReload" option is added to Apache::Reload; until 
then, some may actually prefer Apache::StatINC.


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