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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: [mp2 Patch] ModPerl::Util::undef(coderef)
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 11:31:15 GMT

Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
> Following the discussion on Apache::Reload and Apache::Symbol, I've
> taken out Apache::Symbol::undef from mp1, massaged it a bit and made it
> into ModPerl::Util::undef for mod_perl 2.

is this really required anymore?

Apache::Symbol::undef is there explicitly to keep our valid redefines from 
throwing mandatory errors, but the mandatory error behavior was removed by 
5.6 - it's now covered separately through the warnings pragma and can be 
turned off via $^W=0.


I was only able to find a snippet of Doug's original comments wrt 2.0 - it 
seems that none of the dev@ archives are complete that far back.  but see 
the very bottom of

for his quoted thoughts.



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