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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: a new stacked handlers paradigm
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2003 01:28:16 GMT

>> would those MP_ constants be helpful, such as MP_HANDLER_TYPE_PER_DIR 
>> and MP_HEADER_PARSER_HANDLER?  it's hard to tell without working on an 
>> implementation.
> You mean using define constants, instead of enums? Or do you suggest to 
> move defines into this struct?

just placing the define values in the returned struct.  really, I 
can't think of why this would be useful, except for maybe places like 
get/set_handlers.  I was just trying to think of useful stuff off the 
top of my head :)

>> if we proceed this way it's probably going to take me a while to come 
>> up with another patch, since I'll need to do some reading first to 
>> fill in the gaps in my C :)
> In that case, go with your very first (not the second) solution: pass 
> the run_all variable as an argument and define three constants 
> RUN_ALL/RUN_FIRST/VOID and act accordingly. Later on we can revamp it 
> without changing the user behavior.

ok.  well, I'll give the struct thing my best shot - if I get it to 
work I'll post it here.  if not, I'll try to refactor solution #1 
(taking VOID into account) and post it again.

thanks for the feedback - implementing this is scratching an old and 
very big itch of mine :)


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