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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject rfc: adding a bootstrap magic check to mp2 DSO libs
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 00:38:48 GMT
We get more and more bug reports with obscure failures when the real reason is 
that wrong mp2 libraries get loaded. e.g., older builds, incompatible builds. 
I thought it'd be only us developers, hit by this issue, but apparently the 
problem is relevant for normal users as well. Hence, I'm thinking of adding 
the bootstrapping magic check similar to what Apache does with its MMN.

In the mod_perl 2.0 case it's not enough to check MMN, but we have to include 
information like whether ithreads were enabled or not. e.g. we could md5 the 
perl binary? this will probably be a problem if mod_perl build on one machine 
but used on another. So may be we just need to compile a set of options that 
make the difference whether a library is compatible or not.


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