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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: a new stacked handlers paradigm
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 02:17:58 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> I prefer to extend modperl_handler_lookup_handlers to pick up this 
>> information from autogenerated code, same as it's done with desc. 
> ok, so you want another field added in addition to the desc.  how should 
> this be passed from modperl_handler_lookup_handlers, by reference as 
> with desc?
> then you want modperl_hooks.c to have a series of parallels for 
> MP_modperl_handler_desc_per_dir for setting the run type, and a separate 
> function to parallel set_desc?

Something like that (again just an idea). Perhaps we should really create a 

typedef enum {
} modperl_hook_run_mode_e

struct modperl_hook_t {
     const char *desc;
     modperl_hook_run_mode_e run_mode;

and now we can kill all the modperl_handler_desc_ functions and just return 
this struct from modperl_hooks.c. Later on we might fold in more information. 
Do you think anything else should be added there?

Or is it considered a bad practice to create a struct for a static data that 
never changes?

>> Why clutter the maintenance and run-time overhead? It's correct that 
>> you don't need to call lookup_handlers() and you have all the info, 
>> but you still need to add a switch and ugly sets of ifs. Since you are 
>> already calling modperl_handler_lookup_handlers why not pick the 
>> information from there and avoid any branching at all?
>> See the other thread I've spawned from this one. We probably want to 
>> handle VOID types differently as well, so it's a perfect addition to 
>> the work you do.  in that case the run_all var must be a tri-state 
>> (that's why I've suggested enums).
> ok, I'll hold off on another patch until after we resolve the VOID 
> issue, then I'll try it  from modperl_handler_lookup_handlers instead 
> and see how it goes.


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