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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: opening up $cfg to XS
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 07:30:17 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> - if your wrapper calls directly the function, without doing anything 
>> else, but dropping "self" you should use DEFINE_, just in case 
>> compiler doesn't inline that call. I don't remember if it's in the doc.
> re this an SvREFCNT_inc below, I figured it might be best to keep it as 
> a separate function and not use define.  in the patch below, the C 
> function digs out the object, while the *.h wrapper calls the C function 
> and increments the refcount before returning to Perl-land.  sound ok?

but this can still be done in define:

#define ... SvREFCNT_inc(modperl_module_config_get(aTHX_ pmodule, s, v));


>> Probably need to add comments explaining the difference between this 
>> and get_config_obj functions.
> as I read things, get_config_obj isn't digging out the object, it's 
> creating it.  in fact, if the object already exists it doesn't even 
> return it
>     if ((*obj = (SV*)modperl_svptr_table_fetch(aTHX_ table, cfg))) {
>         /* object already exists */
>         return NULL;
>     }
> so, the below patch renames that function to 
> modperl_module_config_create_obj instead, in the hopes of clarifying 
> things a bit more.


shouldn't then the new function be called modperl_module_config_get_obj?

>> - Also I'm not sure about keeping the SvREFCNT_inc(obj) part. It's 
>> needed when returning an SV that goes into perl domain, but it's 
>> probably not a good choice for C API.
> anyway, lemme know if you think this fits.

please remember to indent the args where the function name is now longer once 
we agree on the change

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