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From David Wheeler <>
Subject Re: resolving Apache::Test vs. Apache::test collision
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 01:44:10 GMT
On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 10:40  AM, Randy Kobes wrote:

>> I'm beginning to think that, for all the up-front hassle of it,
>> just renaming it to Apache::Tester or Test::Apache will avoid
>> more headaches in the long run.
> That's a good point, although as Stas pointed out, it may cause
> some confusion with those already using Apache::Test.

No more so than the Apache::TestLoad solution, and probably less.

> If one views (philosophically) Apache::Test as a major upgrade to
> Apache::test (with a different API), might it be reasonable to
> consider replacing those packages that use Apache::test with
> Apache::Test? For example, in the next mod_perl 1 release,
> require Apache-Test for the tests, and do away with Apache::test?
> This would require rewriting the tests, which might be worth it
> anyway, as a major illustration that Apache-Test works equally
> well with mod_perl 1 (I'd volunteer to look at that, as I'm on
> one of the offending systems).

Even if you did port all the tests in mp1 to Apache::Test, we'd still 
have the problem of someone installing Apache::Test from CPAN, and then 
installing mod_perl 1.27 or earlier and thus restoring Apache::test. 
Lots of organizations are conservative, and wary of upgrading to a new 

> I guess one advantage to this, recalling Stas' suggestion of
> putting the functionality of Apache::test into Apache::Test, is
> that two quite distinct test frameworks don't have to,
> officially, be supported. And it also, eventually, addresses the
> problem of installing mod_perl 1 after an Apache-Test
> installation and overwriting Apache/ with Apache/


> The downside, of course, is that mod_perl 1 is very stable, and
> so major changes like this aren't desireable. Another
> disadvantage is that there's 3rd party mod_perl 1 modules that
> use Apache::test (for example, Apache-Filter), and these would be
> affected.

Right, although I think many of them include Apache::test in t/lib (I 
know mine does).

> Perhaps a compromise to the above is to just do this on Win32/Mac
> OSX (or even not changing the test framework at all in mod_perl
> 1, and just not install Apache/, and then just print out
> a warning that this is being done, and why. This wouldn't affect
> as many users, and in the Win32 world, and perhaps also on the
> Mac, I think users are used to major upgrades that aren't
> necessarily backwards compatible.

It just seems cleaner to me, at this point, to go with a whole new name 
and not have to deal with the _possibility_ of something like this 
leading to confusion.



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