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Subject RE: [mp2.0] Win32 ENV still not compatible with mod_cgi
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 09:16:23 GMT

>> I think Steve's saying that $ENV{SSL_SERVER_S_DN_Email} doesn't work for
>> under mod_cgi and he has to use $ENV{SSL_SERVER_S_DN_EMAIL} which fails
>> mod_perl.

NO - quite the opposite.

CGI behaviour (win32) :-

	$ENV{SSL_SERVER_S_DN_Email} gives ''
	$ENV{SsL_SeRvEr_S_dN_EmAiL} gives ''

ie - any combination when reading works a treat -> but I REALLY want to use
     'SSL_SERVER_S_DN_Email' in order to also work with the UNIX

mod_perl (win32) behaviour :-

	$ENV{SSL_SERVER_S_DN_Email} gives <undef>
	$ENV{SSL_SERVER_S_DN_EMAIL} gives <undef>
	$ENV{SsL_SeRvEr_S_dN_EmAiL} gives <undef>

ie - no matter what combination is used - it NEVER works at all...


mod_ssl is responsible for 'creating' this variable by examining the
X509 SSL certificate credentials and creating a variable per item.

It does this via apr_table_setn(...) on r->process_env


So, in summary (win32) :-

1) mod_ssl calls

	apr_table_setn(r->process_env, "SSL_SERVER_S_DN_Email",

2) mod_perl calls

	modperl_env_table_populate(aTHX_ scfg->SetEnv);
	modperl_env_table_populate(aTHX_ scfg->PassEnv);
	modperl_env_table_populate(aTHX_ r->subprocess_env);

3) ModPerl::Registry invokes perl script to extract variable :-

	my $email = $ENV{SSL_SERVER_S_DN_Email};	# value is always


As mod_perl has NO control of what other modules place into r->process_env,
keys are being placed into %ENV (through the back-door)...

You can prove this if you iterate through %ENV :-

	$ENV{testing} = 'Try this also...';

	while (($key, $value) = each %ENV)
		print " $key = '$value'. Lookup gives '", $ENV{$key} ||
'<undef>', "'\n";

You actually get the following :-

	SSL_SERVER_S_DN_Email = ''. Lookup gives

	TESTING = 'Try this also...'. Lookup gives 'Try this also...'

Which proves that if $ENV{..} is set through perl, it will automatically
place an UPPERCASE
version of the key into its internal hash - see TESTING above.

So, when my script is asking for $ENV{SSL_SERVER_S_DN_Email}, the underlying
perl is looking
for $ENV{SSL_SERVER_S_DN_EMAIL} - which it will never find in a month of
Sundays - as mod_perl
has blindy used the key from r->process_env - without 'fixing' it up as done
in PerlSetEnv or PerlPassEnv.


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