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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: $parms->info(), take 2
Date Fri, 30 May 2003 13:06:34 GMT

>> all those *.h files are full of both mpxs_ functions and static XS 
>> functions, with functionaity implemented in one or the other seemingly 
>> at random.  I have no idea how you would choose one format over the 
>> other, but if the mpxs_ implementation makes you more comfortable, 
>> that's fine - I'll commit that approach tomorrow.
> Even though they look random, they aren't. I have tried to document some 
> of these here:


wow.  here I am raking through the code trying to figure it all out and 
there it is in print.

> Admittedly it's incomplete. I wrote that document when I was coping with 
> this puzzle myself. As you are now coping with it, it'd help if you 
> could improve that document.
> I believe Doug's idea was to have to write (and maintain) the minimal 
> amount of code. So if you have a simple function where the args and 
> return values can be converted from perl to C and back automatically, 
> you use just that. If you have an optional number of args you use (...) 
> and manipulate the stack. If you have a variable number/type of return 
> args you use XS(). If you read the above section, things might get more 
> clear.

yeah, that actually helps lots.  now I know what to do with the others that 
will come :)  thanks stas.

anyway, I made the change and committed it this morning - all tests pass and 
I can use it in real life just fine.

more stuff to come... :)


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