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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject release notes
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 04:33:03 GMT
OK, I've expanded Doug's notes to the following. I suggest that we have 
separate copy for mp1 and mp2, included as a file: RELEASE or similar. So we 
can have more explicit notes for each project.

Comments are welcome.

Instructions for mod_perl 2.0 Release Manager

1. 'make dist' - to make sure nothing is missing from the manifest,
    etc. Now test this generated package (not cvs) with as many
    configurations as possible on as many platforms as possible.

   a) nuke any preinstalled mod_perl libs and run 'make test'

   b) test that you can 'make install' and then run 'make test' again

2. once confident that the package is good, upload a release candidate
    to and post 24 hour-ish candidate alert
    to the modperl/dev list (may be longer to give most people a chance
    to catch up). no need to tag this package

2a. if problems are detected during stage 2, repeat stages 1 and 2.

3. when the package has been reported to be good, prepare a new
    package to be released

   a. edit ./Changes:
      - remove '-dev'
      - add release date

   b. make sure tag looks right (might need to rerun Makefile.PL)
      % make -n cvs_tag

   c. commit Changes
      % cvs ci Changes

   d. tag
      % make cvs_tag

   e. create the final package
      % make dist

   f. test the final package again at least once

4. Release the package and update links (e.g. mod_perl-1.99_09.tar.gz)

   a. upload to

   b. ssh to, unpack the package, update symlinks to the
      tar ball and unpacked distro:
     % ssh
     % cd /www/
     % ln -s /www/ \
     % tar -xzvf mod_perl-1.99_09.tar.gz
     % ln -s /www/ \

   c. remove releases older by 2 subversions (keep the last one)

   d. update the version and release date in src/download.html in
      modperl-docs repository.

5. Upload the package to CPAN

6. Announce the package

   a. post ... to the modperl, announce lists
   Subject: [ANNOUNCE]: mod_perl 1.99_10
   - MD5 sig (as it comes from CPAN upload announce).
   - the latest Changes

7. Tarball signing

META: Eric can you please complete this item?

Stas Bekman            JAm_pH ------> Just Another mod_perl Hacker     mod_perl Guide --->

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