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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: implementing Apache::CmdParms::info()
Date Thu, 29 May 2003 02:17:52 GMT

 > Since now things are implemented in perl, may be it'd make more sense to match the perl
 > API with perl keys? Since now you have:
 >> +     cmd_data => 'some info',
 > but you retrieve it with:
 > ->info
 > that's confusing.

well, confusing or not, it's following the Apache convention

struct command_struct {
     /** Extra data, for functions which implement multiple commands... */
     void *cmd_data;


struct cmd_parms_struct {
     /** Argument to command from cmd_table */
     void *info;

and is the same as it was in mp1.  I'm inclined to keep it info(), since for (most if not)

all other record accessors (which cmd_data and info both are) the names are the same as 
the record slot.

 >> the patch was (for the most part) generated by making the above change in WrapXS,
 >> compiling, then putting the results from the generated .c into Apache__CmdParms.h
 >> in other words, the patch was autogenerated too, so don't blame me :)
 > Yes, but you need to rewrite it to reduce the clutter, which is ok when things are
 > autogenerated, since no one has to maintain them. There is a typemap for doing all the
 > conversions and croaking. Look at other thin wrappers in .h files under xs/ or the
 > guide for writing those wrappers. It should be pretty trivial for this function.

I don't see much that can be cleaned up, but I'll take a look at it.

 >> anyway, I had to shuffle the modperl_module_cmd_data_t struct around so that
 >> everybody could see everything, but it all worked out in the end.
 > Won't it better to put it into modperl_types.h then? All public types reside there.

that's fine, I'll move it there instead.


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