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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: allowing <Perl > sections on a per-dir level
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 00:52:29 GMT
Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-05-23 at 22:39, Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>I tried to use <Perl > sections today within an .htaccess file - something I
>>used to do often with 1.3 - only to find that they weren't allowed on a
>>per-directory basis.
>>in taking a look at the various directives, there are a few that are only
>>allowed on a per-server basis that don't seem to make sense <Perl >, PerlPassEnv,
>>PerlModule.  while the first two make sense, I'm not sure about PerlModule, though
>>seems to make sense that you allow PerlModule in an .htaccess file for people that
>>have access to the main config - I'm pretty sure you can put PerlModule in .htaccess
>>in mp1, but I'm not sure.

True, the .htaccess support is simply not there yet. Look at entries in todo/ 
- it needs to be added.

However doing this via proposed MP_CMD_DIR_TAKE1 doesn't seem right. We need 
to add .htaccess, but not change the SRV directives to DIR.

>>is there a reason that we can't allow these on a per-dir
>>level that I'm not seeing?
> Well, one things that springs to mind for <Perl > sections.
> If you configure a <Perl > section per-directory or per-location, does
> it mean that you will execute the code it contains on each request that
> matches that location/directory ? Especially with the new extended
> handlers for <Perl > blocks... Or once you change the content of the
> .htaccess , how do you insure that things are reconfigured proprely?
> I'd say it definitely doesn't make sense to have <Perl > blocks in
> <Location> or <Directory> blocks. I can see why it could be usefull to
> put <Perl > blocks in .htaccess files, but I can't tell on top of my
> head how they behave in mp1.. Is the code executed only once ? or for
> each request?

For each request I think. Need to check the mp1 source.

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