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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject Re: problem installing 1.99_09
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 23:29:37 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> Ian Holsman wrote:
>> Hi guys.
>> I've struck a minor inconvience.
>> as part of your install, you copy some header files to the apache 
>> include directory.
>> these don't take into account when you build a RPM they are supposed 
>> to go into $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/.... not the 'real' directory.
>> any hints on how to fix this???
> What RPM are you talking about? We don't produce rpms. Please give me 
> some more info.

sorry.. I've been building custom rpm's for one of our local machines 
based on redhat's rpm spec file.
they *used* to work fine on 1.99_08, but when trying to update it run 
1.99_09 I encontered the follwing error...

cp xs/modperl_xs_sv_convert.h xs/modperl_xs_typedefs.h 
xs/modperl_xs_util.h /opt/httpd/2.0.45_prefork/include
cp: cannot create regular file 
`/opt/httpd/2.0.45_prefork/include/modperl_xs_sv_convert.h': Permission 
cp: cannot create regular file 
`/opt/httpd/2.0.45_prefork/include/modperl_xs_typedefs.h': Permission denied
cp: cannot create regular file 
`/opt/httpd/2.0.45_prefork/include/modperl_xs_util.h': Permission denied
make: *** [modperl_xs_h_install] Error 1


the important parts of the rpm...
# Compile the module.
%{__perl} Makefile.PL </dev/null \
     PREFIX=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/opt/httpd/perl INSTALLDIRS=vendor \
     MP_APXS=/opt/httpd/default/bin/apxs \

make install MODPERL_AP_LIBEXECDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/opt/httpd/perl/modules

was all that is required for 1.99_08..
so I'm guessing that you've added these header files as part of _09 
right? so I'll need to add some other MODPERL_XXXX to the make line right?

(hopefully you'll only get >1< of these ;-)

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