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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: APR::Table outside of modperl-2
Date Sun, 25 May 2003 11:45:12 GMT
Philippe M. Chiasson wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-05-23 at 12:26, Stas Bekman wrote:
>>Stas Bekman wrote:
>>>Joe Schaefer wrote:
>>>>Is it possible to use APR::Table outside of modperl2?
>>>>I've installed the latest modperl-2 from cvs, but no
>>>>symbols seem to be loaded into APR::Table during use():
>>>>  % perl -MApache2 -le 'use Apache::Table; print join ":",     keys 
>>>>  BEGIN:VERSION:import
>>>first of all s/Apache::Table/APR::Table/, second you have to preload APR 
>>>which boots the others:
>>though I think that we weren't careful of not using any ap_ APIs in APR domain 
>>(and several of those places are marked XXX), so you are most likely to 
>>encounter segfaults and then we have to fix those ;)
>>here is the first one:
>>perl-blead-ithread -MApache2 -MAPR -le 'use APR::Table; use APR::Pool; \
>>$table = APR::Table::make(APR::Pool->new, 2);'
>>Segmentation fault
> Yup, the problem in this case isn't dependencies on ap_ APIs, but rather
> on modperl_* apis...
> For APR::Table -> 
>  modperl_hash_tie
>  modperl_hash_tied_object
> are the 2 undefined symbols borking it all ;-( Both of those living in
> modperl_util.(c|h)

I suppose what should be done is the same for APR::Const where modperl_const* 
are copied into xs/ModPerl/Const

Also I think it'd be nice to keep t/apr to contain only apr specific tests and 
somehow be able to run test without invoking mod_perl.

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