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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Apache::Test renaming foo
Date Wed, 21 May 2003 00:04:14 GMT

Stas Bekman wrote:
> Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> that other thread was becoming too much to follow :)
> Or would you rather say, that you are anxious to publish the article? ;)

well, it's less about my level of anxiety than it is about managing 
expectations and keeping everyone informed :)


> The latest development on this front is different. The idea is to leave 
> Apache-Test as is, and rename Apache::test to Apache::testold or 
> similar. Adjust mod_perl-1.28 to use Apache::testold and migrate all 3rd 
> party modules to use Apache::testold by requiring mod_perl-1.28, or 
> bundle the old Apache/test in their distros, untill they get a chance to 
> port to Apache::Test.

okey dokey.  is your (meaning everybody) gut feeling that this will 
really work?  or do you think it will end up being rehashed again in 
the near future?  personally, I never had an issue moving Apache::Test 
to Apache::TestPlan ;)

> I'm not sure if we should distribute Apache::testold in Apache-Test. I'd 
> rather see this module as becoming deprecated.

deprecation takes a lot of time - I would have thought it would have 
gone away once the perl-framework was established 2 years ago :)

it might make sense to deliver as well, which would 
probably make migration easier.

> Geoff, it'd be nice for your article to sum up this issue, once 
> everybody is happy with it. Looks to me like a perfect place and time.

well, the article (and series) pretty much focuses on mp2 only - it 
might make sense to mention it there, but the issues (now) are really 
with older stuff (migration paths) than for new development. 
furthermore, I've never used Apache::test and wasn't one of the ones 
with problems, so I'm really not in a position to comment with any 
authority on the issues.  but I'll put in something :)


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