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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: resolving Apache::Test vs. Apache::test collision
Date Wed, 14 May 2003 03:35:57 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> Unfortunately this solution won't work. If you have
>>   PREREQ_PM => {Apache::Test => 1.03},
>> MakeMaker is going to 'require Apache::Test' and either won't find it 
>> or will find Apache::test on case-insensitive platforms.
>> What a bummer.
> yes, I thought about that already as I began to revamp my distributions :)
> the solution, of course, is to advocate prereq'ing Apache::TestPlan => 0 
> - it's a bit counterintuitive, but no different than downloading 
> libwww-perl and using a LWP::UserAgent prereq.
> but really, this shouldn't be much of an issue - you generally prereq 
> module dependencies, not testing dependencies (yeah the tests will fail, 
> but there are steps you can take within the tests to keep that from 
> happening).  and EU::MM only warns on missing prereqs anyway, so it's 
> never failsafe :)
> for mp2 users you'll be able to prereq mod_perl 1.9910 and that should 
> cover almost all cases (save a few weeks of CVS).  for mp1 users 
> eval'ing 'require Apache::TestPlan' will be sufficient, since you 
> require() the modules anyway to avoid failing makefiles.  for the 
> others, well, altering the tests to require one or the other or 
> requiring TestPlan will be the only way.
> so the main version lives in TestPlan instead of a file matching the 
> dist name - that happens with other modules so it's not all that strange 
> or difficult to live with.

eh, no, the prereq is LWP, not LWP::UserAgent, look at

package LWP;

$VERSION = "5.69";
sub Version { $VERSION; }

require 5.004;
require LWP::UserAgent;  # this should load everything you need


so libwww-perl => LWP              is intuitive
    Apache-Test => Apache::TestPlan is not

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