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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: resolving Apache::Test vs. Apache::test collision
Date Wed, 14 May 2003 03:17:43 GMT
> Unfortunately this solution won't work. If you have
>   PREREQ_PM => {Apache::Test => 1.03},
> MakeMaker is going to 'require Apache::Test' and either won't find it or 
> will find Apache::test on case-insensitive platforms.
> What a bummer.

yes, I thought about that already as I began to revamp my distributions :)

the solution, of course, is to advocate prereq'ing Apache::TestPlan => 
0 - it's a bit counterintuitive, but no different than downloading 
libwww-perl and using a LWP::UserAgent prereq.

but really, this shouldn't be much of an issue - you generally prereq 
module dependencies, not testing dependencies (yeah the tests will 
fail, but there are steps you can take within the tests to keep that 
from happening).  and EU::MM only warns on missing prereqs anyway, so 
it's never failsafe :)

for mp2 users you'll be able to prereq mod_perl 1.9910 and that should 
cover almost all cases (save a few weeks of CVS).  for mp1 users 
eval'ing 'require Apache::TestPlan' will be sufficient, since you 
require() the modules anyway to avoid failing makefiles.  for the 
others, well, altering the tests to require one or the other or 
requiring TestPlan will be the only way.

so the main version lives in TestPlan instead of a file matching the 
dist name - that happens with other modules so it's not all that 
strange or difficult to live with.


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